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 DIY Project - Glass Beads Design

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PostSubject: DIY Project - Glass Beads Design   DIY Project - Glass Beads Design I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 4:12 pm

Pandora beads murano glass beads on

Author: pbeads

Pandora Jewelry recently added 12 new styles to its Murano Glass bead collection. These new bead designs add style, color, and flair to your Pandora bracelet or necklace. Dress up this fall in colorful swirls, polka dots, zigzags, and flower designs. Each piece is hand crafted and is a unique piece of art.
Murano glass is the longest lasting center for glass making in history, spanning from the 9th century to today. It is known for its beautiful and innovative artwork and glasswork. Because Murano does have such a long history, one can easily see the reflection of important events, including the Renaissance and Napoleon's conquest of Europe, and how they affected a small island of glassmakers in the Adriatic Sea.
Murano is located on a small island northwest of the city of Venice, Italy -- not much larger than a few square miles.
It is believed the origins of Murano Glass dates back to 9th century Rome, with significant Asian and Muslim influences, as Venice was a major trading port. Multihued perle (beads) were used in trading with Asian, African and Muslim neighbors. The first known historical document describes Domenico, a glass blowing master, who created bottles. Other equally rare documents describe Pietro Fiolario working with glass in 1083 and Giovanni Fiolario as a master glass blower making bottles in 1158.
During the1930s, Ermanno Toso changed the direction of Murano Glass, from one of creating traditional Muranese objects to one of one of more modern tastes. War threatened the glass masters in the 40s, but the industry managed to survive World War II and emerged post-war with pent up artistic energy, making the 1950s some of the most creative and innovative years the island of Murano have ever seen. The filigrana technique was expanded and used to new effect by another Murano master, Archimede Seguso, who opened his own shop, Vetreria Archimede Seguso, in 1946. Today, collectors consider the works created during this time the most desirable.
Artists including Dino Martens, who brought traditional Venetian techniques to America, Flavio Poli and Fulvio Bianconi all began making unique, non-traditional works to express their creativity.
Since the 1950's the maestros in Venice have collaborated with artists worldwide, including Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore and Jean Cocteau in addition to serving as a mentors to artists who started the American Studio Glass movement.
A recent challenge to the Venetian glassblowers in the marketplace has been counterfeiting. Beginning in the 1990's and continuing today, many of the classic vases, glassware and millefiore objects are being counterfeited in Asia, for sale overseas.
In September 2002, in response to this growing problem, Promovetro, the glassmaker's consortium registered a Murano trademark with the European Union. The mark, a lilac colored sticker with a glassmaker's cana de soffio (blowpipe) and the Italian inscription "Artistic Glass Murano" is printed on a film that is difficult to replicate or counterfeit.
In another recent development, on February 14, 2003, the city of Venice unveiled the new trademark for the city, created by French designer Mathieu Thibautto as seen above. The future of the Murano is as bright as ever. Continual innovation coupled with a renewed emphasis on collaboration with artists worldwide will serve the island well, allowing the maestro's to flourish and establish the 21st century as another "Golden Age" of Murano glass!

more inf about pandora beads and pandora charms pls find in

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Well my aunt got me a hole crap load of mini glass beads and i dont know what to do with them i only have fish line string and those meatal beads you squish to keep beads on... also i have few bigger beads can you give me some designs or ideas on what to do

Ideas for beading:

Where is a good website for bead designs?
I want to start making Christmas decorations. I have a loom already and little glass beads but need to find good designs. Any ideas?

you could try some of these sites.

you could also enter the words "how to make bead Xmas ornaments" or something to that effect in search engine & get plenty of sites to choose from.
i'm sure you'll find something on youtube too.

all the best & have fun

I am thinking of making jewelry with glass beads to resell. Any tips on the best designs & pricing?

How about, where's the best place to purchase these kinds of items? What's a good amount of beads start with?

I buy most of mine from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Import stores are good too. I get designs from magazines or jewelry I see in stores.

Can I reshape a Glass piece (bead) in a kiln or do I need to do it with a steel rod and flame?
My goal is to stamp a design into the molten glass

Yes, you can, but you may find that the torch is better for what you want to do. The kiln will heat it over all, which means that the whole thing is soft when you try to apply the stamp and it may squash.
If you use the kiln to bring it up to annealing temp (about 1000F) and then take it out and apply the torch, you can soften one side/area to the point that the stamp will press in and the rest will be stiff enough to retain shape. If some distortion does occur, you can heat more and roll it gently on your marver plate to reform it.

Does anyone know how to make glass beads?
Hi i wanted to make glass beads with designs? any ideas
PLease dont leave stupid answers!!!!
I mean make them from scratch! Not put them toghether and make necklaces!!!!


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DIY Project - Glass Beads Design

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