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 DIY Project - Glass Block Window

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PostSubject: DIY Project - Glass Block Window    DIY Project - Glass Block Window  I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 4:08 pm

Do-it-Yourself - Install a Glass Block Window, Yes You Can!

Author: Danita Lickfelt

Classic glass block windows have been around for decades and for good reason. Where ventilation is not needed or desired, glass block windows allow natural light to pass through while providing privacy or blocking out unwanted views. With styles and patterns that let you choose from complete privacy to a totally translucent view, you'll find glass blocks that will let you get exactly the look and level of light control and privacy that you desire. From diamond patterns to stripes and wave patterns, the beauty of glass blocks is that they require no window treatment and they allow the architecture of the glass and the room to take center stage.

What you may not know is that it is relatively simple to install a glass block window yourself. Skip the expense of professional installation and read on to learn how to make this stylish upgrade to your home.

Getting Started: Glass Blocks and Supplies

First you need to know how many glass blocks you need to fit the window opening. Measure your window and take the measurements to the home improvement or glass supply store. Depending on the style of block you choose, the professional at the store can determine how many blocks you need, as well as the configuration. Before you leave the store, pick up whatever supplies you don't already have: a sharp utility knife, plastic putty knife, plastic tracking and spacers, silicone sealer and caulking to match the tracking and the exterior window frame. You will also need a drill for creating pilot holes, a marking pencil, measuring tape and wood screws.

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. If there is an existing window, remove it and its accompanying tracking system. Scrape away any residual adhesive and caulking.

2. Measure the opening and then measure, mark and cut the plastic tracking to fit all four sides. Install the bottom piece of tracking, as well as the side pieces by marking pilot holes in the tracking for screw locations with a pencil. Drill the holes, and then attach the tracking to the window with wood screws. Don't install your top piece of tracking yet.

3. You will be installing the glass block from starting at the bottom of the window and working toward the top. In order to accommodate the last block on the top row, you need to cut a notch in the plastic tracking that will be installed at the top of the window: Use a sharp utility knife to cut a notch that is one inch longer than the width of one block. The notch must also be half the width of the tracking. In other words, you are going to cut a notch lengthwise in the top section of tracking that is half as wide as the track and one inch longer than the width of your glass block.

4. Set this smaller notched out piece aside for installation with the final block and install the remainder of the top track, with the opening that you notched in, marking pilot holes and screwing it to top of the window. The notched section of track should face to interior side of the window, with the full length of tracking to the exterior.

5. Begin laying block at a bottom corner. Use a trimmed spacer to keep your vertical spacing consistent; place your next block and check that the blocks sit securely in the tracking channel. Finish laying blocks for the bottom row and use a horizontal spacer to set the next row; continue with vertical spacers between blocks on the same row, to keep your blocks level and evenly spaced. Continue in this fashion until you reach the top row at the notched area for the final glass block.

6. Cut the tip off a tube of silicone sealer and run a thin bead along the edge of tracking that you previously set aside. Adhere the tracking to the edge of the glass block, press gently to smooth out an air bubbles, and set the final block securely in place.

7. Seal all the blocks along horizontal seams first with silicone sealer; run silicone along vertical seams, skipping over the horizontal bead you just created. Seams must be sealed on both the interior and exterior of the window. Use a putty knife to smooth the bead and wipe away excess with a clean wet rag. Finally, seal the interior and exterior of the window frame with latex caulk.

Article Source:

About the Author

Additional free ideas are offered by senior staff writer and home decor specialist Danita Lickfelt at The store also specializes in distinctive music wall art and contemporary wall art.

Frequently Asked Questions
best online store to get glass bead makin supplies?
i want to make glass beads but need a online store i can trust to get supplies.


I get a lot of my stuff from them and they are very reasonable as well as fast shipping with great quality beads

Lampwork: glass bead supplies?
I have recently begun making glass beads. In about an hour I'll be picking up most of the supplies needed.

Here is a list of the supplies I'll be shopping for today. If anyone can recommend or advise against buying certain types or brands, that would be great. I'll appreciate any advice.

-Torch (1400 F)
-Fuel (must be mixed with oxygen): propane, natural gas, (or MAPP gas, it does not need to be mixed with oxygen)
-Striker (for the torch)
-mandrels (I believe these are the glass rods
-Beadrake, marver plates (what is the difference?)
-Clamp for torch
-Bead release (what kind of paint is this?!)
-Fiber blanket (for cooling the beads down in. What is this made of?)
-Small work table
-Large, square, metal plate for the table
-Pliers (for making stringers)

You need to ask an expert bead maker. Ask Pam East. If anyone knows-- She for sure does! I make a simple lampwork bead by mixing glass frit (broken marbles) and fusing them to 20 gauge copper wire. I use my welding torch.

Keep Arting! Jeff (weseye) Wesley

What supplies/tools will I need to make a simple glass bead necklace and bracelet?
I am interested in making my own glass bead jewelry, but I have no idea where to start or what to do. I've checked a couple websites but they use terms I don't understand or the directions are too confusing. What would be a good glass bead project for me to start off on, and what basic supplies and tools do I need to buy to start this hobby?


when I wanted to start a few months ago I went to the craft store and bought a cheap beginner kit. It has what you need to make just practice pieces, once you get familiar then you can start spending the money on the glass beads that are available. I personally switched to crystal once I got the hang of it. Super easy and fun to do. I believe the beginner kit will also come with your basic tools. Good Luck

What are the most necessary tools and supplies to buy for a glass bead student?
Whenever I start a new hobby I end up buying tools that I didn't need. Now, take a glass bead making class and I want to find the best stores online and to break the mold of wasting money.

I would start by talking to your instructor. Then, watch a few youtube videos and note the brand names of the materials they use. Read reviews, then purchase.

You will doubtless need a torch, a torch holder, mandrels, bead release, shaping paddle, etc.

Check out the supplies here:

Read up on them, then try to find what you need cheaper by running searches on the brand names.

Who supply pearl and glass bead from Asian countries - India, Bangladesh ?

Asian Crafts Shop supplies pearl and glass bead from Bangladesh. Their website:

Wherever U go, just remember that I'm always by UR side. P$: †♥️ I love you ♥️

DIY Project - Glass Block Window  Dreamscenery-1
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DIY Project - Glass Block Window

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