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 Polymer Clay: Tips + Where to shop + Questions & Answers

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PostSubject: Polymer Clay: Tips + Where to shop + Questions & Answers    Polymer Clay: Tips + Where to shop + Questions & Answers  I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 3:24 pm

Style With Polymer Clay Jewelry
Author: Dhiraj Bandurkar

Polymer Clay: Tips + Where to shop + Questions & Answers  Turtle10

In the creative and striking world of jewelry design, there are many different materials available for artisans to make into jewelry. However, the most common choice include typical materials such as metals, gemstones, and possibly glass, but if you look at other available options you will find that there are many other things that can be made into excellent jewelry. And one such material to make jewelry, and perhaps the most popular new sensation in jewelry is polymer clay. Polymer clay is a definite type of clay that is quite different from modeling or pottery clay. It is fashioned from PVC plastic and a type of plasticizer chemical that keeps the clay moldable and soft until it baked into a final shape. Once you use the polymer clay, you will find that there are certainly many opportunities while working with it.

Many people will wonder how the polymer clay jewelry get all the colors and sparkle that most of them exhibit and catch the eye. This can be added to the polymer clay through the use of micas, which are colored pigments, and metallic sparkles and kaolin clay which makes the polymer opaque, make polymer clay a very diverse and easily workable medium for creation. This type of polymer clay is also definitely a good choice for people who are interested in making jewelry at home. Another great part of polymer clay is that it does not need high temperatures to be baked; in fact for the proper results a home oven can do the job.

With the wide popularity of the polymer clay, artisans can also find a couple of polymer clay brands that are well known. These brands include FIMO and Sculpy. Finding these brands is not a difficult task as most of the major craft stores and suppliers carry these brands of clay in many different colors, ranging from fluorescent and day glow hues to metallic shades like silver and gold. In polymer clay, the metallic colors can easily be shaped and used as a replacement for working in the metals themselves, which makes jewelry creation more accessible to designers.

Another amazing benefit polymer clay offers is the lesser number of tools that are needed in order to fashion and create jewelry. Most designers conveniently use a pasta roller machine in order to flatten their clay to desired thickness, and also to acclimatize the clay for use. With this the clay can be easily rolled and shaped into whatever designs the designer wants to use it for.

If you want a piece of jewelry that is colorful, less costly and unique then definitely try something made out of polymer clay. Whether you choose to buy it ready made or create your own pieces, this clay jewelry can be a great way to express yourself. Once you have the basics down, experiment with different varieties and brands of polymer clay, each of which has a different level of pliability. You can also get polymer clay in a variety of effects, such as translucent, iridescent, and glow-in-the-dark, to create beads and jewelry that are truly unmatched.

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Looking for more information on Polymer Clay Jewelry check out your guide to Polymer Clay Jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in perth western australia can I buy pony beads!!?
I've tired craft stores and some bead shops.... but most bead stores seem to stock only glass beads?!

I know that this may seem a little far fetched but the only shop I think you will find specific bead types is in Margaret River. Or you could contact this shop and ask for where they can be ordered from or through.

Margaret River Beads
Shop 3 Wooditchup Arcade Margaret River WA

Sister shop to Broome Beads with a huge selection of beads and unusual treasures from the four corners of the globe. Open seven days a week.

Good Luck!

Homemade Christmas gifts for my friends?
okay well, i have a couple friends who i want to give gifts, but they aren't really great friends and i have already spent over my budget between my great friends and family. I would prefer to not have to buy any things. I have some basic crafting supplies: yarn, glass beads, pony beads, and seed beads, sewing machine and thread, some random cloths, ect.

What are some different easy things that they would like.
We are 14/15 girls. Freshman year in HS.

If you know how to bake, make some delicious home-made cookies, put them in nice boxes and give away to your friends as presents.

Which had better prices for beads...Michaels or Hobby Lobby?

And I'm not talking about pony beads, more like glass beads. Like the beads you make nice jewelry with.

Hobby Lobby gets my vote. They have frequent sales, and a better selection. It might depend on your stores. My local Michael's Crafts is pretty small. I'm also very lucky to have an independent dealer nearby with gorgeous beads of the best quality, and she often has half-price sales. That's the best of all!

Glass beadmaking as a hobby?
I have a question about glass beadmaking, it interests me as a hobby, I think it would be cool to make cute glass beads and cabochons and cows and ponies and whatnot. What sort of equipment would I need to make glass stuff (at home if possible)? Does it take long to learn about it? Would you recommend me any sites with info for beginners? Thanks in advance! Also is it expensive?

You'd need a propane/oxygen torch system, a kiln, some tools...mandrels, marvers, etc., bead release, goggles, glass rods. I think it would cost quite a bit to get started. I took a class and it was a lot of fun but I decided not to get hooked on it because it would cost so much to get set up and I have enough beading things to do already.

Take a look at my bead weaving website...this is fun too and it doesn't cost so much to get started.

Good name for a jewelry shop?
Me and a friend are going set up a stand at a flea market. It will be a jewelry shop. We will be selling hemp bracelets, wooden beaded bracelets, shell bracelets, glass beads and MAYBE pony beads. We will be doing this all in the summer and our theme will be mainly surf jewelry. I need some ideas for good shop names. If you want to incorporate any of the following in, it is much appreciated.

1. Our names are Abi and Evan.
2. We will be setting up a stall in the summer.
3. We will be selling surf jewelry.
4. *Any other info by request*

Thank you so much!
I am in no rush for shop names, take your time if needed.

*10 points to best answer*
Oh and we were considering the name Surf and Summer Beadware

Twilight Gems
Jewelry Gems
Evanabi Jewels

This is a great article about - How to Select a Company or Product Name -

The article has some good advice on how to research names, and what to becareful of.

Here are some tips on selecting a domain name

Should get you started!
Best of luck

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Polymer Clay: Tips + Where to shop + Questions & Answers  Dreamscenery-1
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Polymer Clay: Tips + Where to shop + Questions & Answers

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